Writing down your dreams can be embarrassing and make you vulnerable. Something we don’t seem to allow anymore in today’s society. Addressing cliches become cliche and therefore stay cliches. The fact you read this, is due to the fact I stopped bothering about embarrassment and if it would be wise to give insight in my personal thought process. For me it feels it is time to share and get in contact with whoever wants to make a difference in their live.

I would like to wake up in a world where children do not have to go to hard labour or work at all, however go to kindergarten to play and learn, where their parents do not have to slave themselves from 5am till 8pm but can spend time with their children instead of them living with their grandparents.

I would like that the world would focus not on shareholders value, however on shared value, which leads to a more social business interaction, where decisions are not taken merely based on coins, but on the preservation of the soil where the coins are made of.

While sharing my dreams I get embarrassed that what I want is not a lot, however in our current world it seems too much to ask!


The purpose of starting earthtwodotzero is to discuss practical cases, topics, questions, with others who understand that possession, time and nature are very much interconnected and are of major influence of your happiness and that of others. We like to know about your dreams and what you do about it.

Welcome to earthtwodotzero!

  • Aim: Investigate, inform, clarify about ‘our world’ terms leading people to act towards mother earth and mankind with more respect.
  • Why: One of the major cliche’s you hear is that change starts with yourself. We all deep down agree, but what do we really do? And if you start, do you know how? A person who consciencely contribute positively will most probably increase his/her experience level of personal happiness. Experience life consciencely!
  • What: earthtwodotzero is about a vision that a person can make a practical difference in this world. This vision will be supported by raising subjects, discussions to inspire others to start fun, enriching activities on their own.
  • Who: For everyone who realize that striving for maximum possession does not increase their happiness level in the long term. For everyone who likes to contribute and make a difference, however do not know exactly how they can. For everyone who likes to live on this planet and wishes that their children will also be able to do so. For everyone.