Most of the topics on earthtwodotzero are highlighted by different people, groups and viewed from different angles over the ages. Meaning, you will not read a lot that is new to you. The site is first of all setup to please myself to see how many people are in similar thought processes as me. With these people I like to get in communication and share thoughts and ideas on those common topics. This is the main goal.

Another goal is to see if can we discuss on real practical things that seem unsolvable. Although I think it is good that there are many organizations helping all kinds of causes. This website is not aimed to become such an org, it is more a site where I like to capture and perhaps share mankind’s state of mind. I truly believe in the ideal fact, change starts with yourself, but I want to be very practical about it. Mainly I like to understand what is behind certain simple questions and how can we as individuals be a part of the chain of change… A kind of pay it forward idea.

Also this site probably provides a lot of my personal life. For people who are not interested I understand, I will password protect those files for now. Personal info I put forward with the goal for people to understand my thought process and goals I have in live and therefore also with this site.

It might be that you find phrases, quotes from people I post. These are not aimed to convince you or indoctrinate you, but just simply because I was moved by them and made me think. It is not the intention that the site will be covered with quotes, but using them should lead to a discussion on the site.

All posted on this site by me are my personal opinion and is not related to the companies I work for. Although I think the companies I work for share very much the same principles and thoughts about life (although they might be different of coure) I wanted to mention this to be clear and to avoid any misunderstandings.